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Hi, I'm
Jessie Yu

I am a front-end engineer

My passion is to bridge the gap between design and software to build user-friendly products in UX design and development methods. It motivates me to explore more knowledge and learn in cross-functional industries.

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CV/ Resume

Having been a graphic designer and now working as a front-end engineer allowed me to recognize the gap between design and technology—user experience. This experience also helps me to realize this is a key element for maintaining products in the long term.

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There are some of my works with responsive web design websites that I developed in front-end fields. Because of working in startup companies,  I always interview with customers and understand their needs, then start from design to give the best solutions for them.

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Perobot is a company that produces intelligent robots for stakeholders, which aims to helps them to solve fewer labor problems. This is challenging work with one of the biggest companies in the AI field in Taiwan...

"Jessie worked with me couple of years ago, she served as front-end engineer and she is an exceptional professional with solid skills in front-end development."

Willam - Meta

"Jessie was an exceptional addition to the 1Thing Org development team. She has a great work ethic, willingness to learn, and has demonstrated great initiative in stepping forward to help lead others"

Sam - Co-worker @1thing

"Jessie joined our organization as intern to help port our Anti-Asian Hate Crime Tracker ( from web to a mobile app. A few months later, Jessie took over the team lead role to help coordinate a team of 7 intern engineers with the organization's designers, senior engineers and myself"

Li Ma - CEO @1thing

"Jessie's blend of exceptional teamwork, communication, and programming skills was pivotal in our project's success. Her creativity and technical acumen stood out, ensuring efficient and innovative solutions."

Jian Jian - Classmate

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