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Jessie Yu

Hi, This is Jessie, a Software Engineer focused on user experience improvement. 

I completed 8+ commercial and e-commerce projects in 3+ years. I designed the top-tier innovative Fintech platform in Taiwan, providing customized Fintech products, iGaming, and Customer Relations Management with Responsive Web Design to over 100K+ global users. Not only do I dive deep into web apps on the client side and server side but also mobile development in iOS. Targeting new clients to build new features, and improve the original software platform is what I love to do. 

Outside of tech, I love planting, cooking, jogging, daily meditating, reading books, and going hiking with friends! Enjoying nature is my favorite!
My other interest is to research psychology, mental health fitness, and physical training to maintain a positive balanced life in stability, calm with peace. How to protect ourselves in a hustle and bustle life, especially under high pressure is a big topic. I will keep sharing what I observe, and my perspectives in my blog! 

If you want to know more details, welcome to contact me.

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