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Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Pepper is a robot launched by Hon Hai Precision Industry Co (one of the big companies in Taiwan) subsidiary Perobot Co Ltd. It provides extra automatic services for business clients to their customers, such as the introduction of products, mapping service of department stores, and so on. Pepper can cooperate with different professional fields with its initial application. For example, in financial fields, most banks rent Peppers to assist them to collect service feedback and introduce different kinds of financial work to their customers.

In web design company FansWoo, I completed this website for three months. I had to finish it before their product launch. I worked closely with an external marketing project manager, an internal project manager, a graphic designer, and a back-end developer. We worked with fast-pace and communicated among others back and forth. The biggest challenge is focusing on every detail, including text-align, font size, motion graphics, and user experience in responsive web design across portable devices and browsers. I designed each prototype for the version of the computer, pad, and mobile. During the developing process, we followed CIS in Perobot and transformed the information they provided into visual user interfaces. We also borrowed one robot to familiar ourselves with its features and functions with applications. This helped us comprehend more with this product and interacted with this robot. To represent its diverse applications on the website, we discuss using SVG animation with JavaScript to make Peppers more humane and more closely to users. A designer and I communicated with each other on Sketch and Zeplin, revised our design again and again.

I aimed to represent unique characters for Perrot with clear, smart, and humanity when users browse the website.

If you want to know more about this website, please click the link below:

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